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  Jiangxi Jinli City Mining co.,LTD by Share Ltd agreed in August 11, 2014 approved by the Jiangxi Provincial Administration of industry and Commerce: Jiang Xijin aluminium co., LTD company name changed to Jiangxi Jinli City Mining co.,LTD by Share Ltd in September 16th of the same year the overall change to Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd and obtain the business license. The company was founded in July 30, 2010, registered in Jiangxi province Fengxin County, is a professional engaged in waste aluminum metal recycling enterprises, registered capital of 38000000 yuan, the nature of the enterprise for the Limited by Share Ltd. The company is "Jiangxi province of circular economy pilot unit", "Yichun innovative enterprise", "Yichun city AA level contracts and keep promise unit", "Yichun city of renewable aluminum Engineering Technology Research Center, Nanchang University College of material engineering graduate student practice base", "China's renewable resource recycling association" member units "Yichun City Chamber of Commerce, vice president of the Federation units". Companies rely on the favorable economic environment, and products are mainly for the domestic each big city, and use of the favorable conditions for foreign trade, and actively explore the market. The company has strong comprehensive strength, complete supporting facilities. The company mainly engaged in all kinds of aluminum alloy ingot, the variety specification is complete, the grade of pluralism. The company has 5 utility model patents, recycled aluminum alloy ingot production using regenerative rare earth method, using low temperature melting technology, effectively solve the environmental pollution problem caused the refining technology of modification, which has the characteristic of environmental protection. A professional supplier of the company is committed to supply from stock to the field of metal material provides a range of services for customers. In twenty-first Century the pulse of information, using the network system, launched a sales and service network and traditional sale mode, continuously expand the scope of services, improve service, improve our sales network, established a large customer groups.

  The company covers an area of 75.3 acres. Greening rate of 20%, a total construction area of 30058 square meters. Specific include: sorting workshop, smelting workshop, molding workshop, automobile wheel hub workshop finished products warehouse (including canteen), office building, dormitory etc..

  The company's production and operation management by using computer network, has passed the international ISO9001:2008 certification, ISO14001 certification system, and with the production, detection and improve environmental protection facilities. The production process of the automation and mechanization, a feeding machine, permanent magnet rotor mixer, ATOU-T three online degassing, double chamber ceramic filter box, devoicing processing, thermometer, casting production lines and automatic overlapping spindle machine, advanced equipment and production technology, equipped with spectral assay, universal tensile machine, cloth Di hardness, metallographic tablets, metallographic microscope, measuring the full range of detection ability of hydrogen detector, K module, X light detector, low times pinhole, grain size, mechanical properties of high times metallography.

  Since 2012 the company began production in May. The raw materials by the Qingyuan Hongbao, Qingyuan Jintian, Qingyuan Fengyu, Hunan Miluo renewable resource base, Foshan Nanhai Riyi Pioneer Metals Corporation, Shanghai purchase. Aluminum alloy ingot company in accordance with the United States, Germany, Japan, China national standards and enterprise standards for production has been Shanghai, Shanghai Jiading pigeon Xiang Cao Wang, Yangzhou Weigao Electromechanical, Wen Zhoufen.

Address: Jiangxi province Fengxin Fengxin County Industrial Park in Yichun City Tel: 400-070-8890
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